New guidelines for mandatory notifications now in effect

Changes to the requirement for nurses and midwives to make mandatory notifications came into effect on 1 March 2020. As registered health practitioners, nurses and midwives are mandatory notifiers and must make a notification in specified circumstances. Mandatory...

The Nightingale Challenge: Empowering the next generation

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is participating in this year’s Nightingale Challenge – the great global movement to develop emerging leaders in nursing and midwifery.

Meet Council Member Kate Cheney

Kate shares what has surprised her about working in regulation and her view on the biggest challenges facing nurses and midwives at work.

Meet Veronica Croome

This month we're pleased to introduce our newest Nursing & Midwifery Council member, Veronica Croome. Get to know her through our interview: How did you become interested in being a Council member? Following my retirement in late 2017 I always intended to remain...

How NSW nurses and midwives regard the Code of Conduct

A new study by Cowin et al in the International Nursing Review explored Australian nurses’ and midwives’ familiarity with the newly revised Codes of Conduct (2018) for nurses and for midwives and what it means to them. A total of 136 nurses and midwives from an acute...

Do you have an impairment?

Let’s look at your declaration around impairment. What does that even mean? A chronic health condition? Drinking wine the night before working a shift? Read on to learn if you should declare an impairment and what happens if you do.

Has your right to practise been restricted?

Are you under any workplace restrictions from your employer such as specific work hours, restricted duties or supervision of your practice? If you are, you may need to tick 'yes' in your declaration.

Planning your CPD

How many of us take the time to reflect on the CPD we’ve completed and plan for the upcoming year? Take time now to plan your CPD for the 2019/20 registration year with some helpful CPD guidelines from the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia.

An interview with Jacqui Cross, NSW Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer

This month we caught up with NSW Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer Jacqui Cross, who shares her reflections on why she became a nurse, what inspires her and how we can each strengthen professional standards in our own practice. What drew you to the nursing...

NMC Topics of Interest: October - December 2018

Podcast: Your mental health matters Looking after your mental health is a major component of self care. To learn about important elements for maintaining mental health, listen to the podcast “ Your Mental Health Matters ” by Nurse & Midwife Support, featuring...