Self notify about certain events

A registered health practitioner or student must give the National Board that registered the practitioner or student written notice of the event within 7 days after becoming aware that a relevant (notifiable) event has occurred in relation to the practitioner or...

You have conditions on your registration

Conditions are imposed on your registration only when it is necessary to restrict your registration to protect public safety. The conditions may require you to do something or may limit the way you practice. All conditions are specific to each individual case. Usually...

What do you need to know about our processes

This section provides information for practitioners about how we manage complaints through our heath, performance or conduct pathway, depending on the issue. It also describes possible outcomes of a complaint.

A complaint has been made about you

This section provides information for practitioners about how we manage complaints and what they can do if a complaint is made about them.
Practitioner information
This section provides information for practitioners about how we manage complaints, and what you can do if a complaint is made about you.
List of fact sheets
We provide provide fact sheets to practitioners and complainants as part of the complaints management process. The fact sheets developed so far are provided here for information. This page will be updated as work continues.

Regional forums and workshops

We have commenced a program of events across NSW with several events in Wagga Wagga this week. We'd like to thank the Murrumbidgee Local Health District for hosting us and helping us put together a tailored program. Our Deputy Executive Officer, Kim Bryant and...

Observations are critical in patient safety

A complaint alleging unsatisfactory professional conduct was made against a Registered Nurse (RN) who it was claimed failed in his obligations during a night shift when he was in charge of an Acute Mental Health Ward at a public hospital. During the night shift, one...

Responding and communicating appropriately to patient deterioration

In May 2016, the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) held an inquiry into the conduct of two Registered Nurses (RNs). A six-month old baby was taken to the Emergency Department of a rural hospital and was under the care of both the nurses. On arrival at the hospital...
Reviewing or appealing a decision
Practitioner with conditions imposed on their registration can ask for the conditions to be changed or removed, or a suspension lifted following a review process. Practitioners should seek advice from their professional indemnity insurer or legal representative before...