Planning your CPD

by Kim Bryant, Deputy Executive Officer

Each year I renew my professional registration and declare that I’ve met my obligations for continuing professional development (CPD). I know that I’ve completed at least 20 hours (per profession) of development activities that are relevant to my area of practice. I know I’ve got the evidence of my CPD to show to AHPRA should I be audited. Personally I give a sigh of relief.

So what next? How many of us take the time to reflect on the CPD we’ve completed and plan for the upcoming registration year?

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) tells us that CPD is more effective when it involves reflection and planning. Reflecting on the previous registration year’s CPD helps us to identify appropriate learning goals for the coming year.

To assist us the NMBA has published Guidelines: Continuing professional development.

These guidelines include helpful information which assists nurses and midwives in:

  • Understanding their CPD obligations
  • Learning what effective CPD is
  • Identifying a range of CPD activities relevant to their practice
  • Viewing CPD as a cycle of planning, action, documentation and reflection
  • Keeping records, including learning plans, journals / portfolios and evidence of completion.

The Council encourages you to take time now to plan your CPD for the 2019/20 registration year