NMC and Far West LHD run workshops

Rosa Hearnshaw

NMC have continued with their program of events and recently visited the Far West Local Health District. A busy schedule of workshops, forums and open discussion sessions were held over a three day period.

The sessions were well attended by nurses and midwives from the region. We'd like to thank the Far West LHD for their enthusiam and help in creating the program of events.

Interactive sesions were run by our Deputy Executive Officer, Kim Bryant and Professional Officer, Annmaree Nicholls. The sessions explored patient safety and the shared responsibilities of nurses, midwives and regulators such as the Council. They also explored the importance of professional standards and developing cultures of safety.

During the visit, participants highlighted managing professional boundaries as a key standard for exploration within regional and rural areas. Please view our Spotlight piece exploring this topic further. 

We look forward to working with the Local Health Districts in New South Wales and aim to schedule more events for early next year.